Friday Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds

April 11, 2014

Major momentum going on right now for our team!!! Just wanted to give everyone an update of our TEAM promotion goal to Senior Director!

We are a quarter of the way to our sales goal and I expect a lot more sales to come this weekend!!! I will update everyone on our TEAM TRACKER on Monday!!! So exciting!!!

What can YOU do...keep selling!!! If you sell one pair of studs or ten are helping our team!!! Have you booked a show for APRIL yet? Still lots of your own!!! Grab the neighbors, moms, co-workers together for a fun "mother's day" shopping event!!! Muffins and Mimosas or some Sips and Style!!!

Jeanine Nau is rocking her AUTISM fundraiser! She has reached out to everyone she knows and has sold over 35 Visionary Bracelets! That's INSPIRING! Who could you reach to this weekend???

I know a lot of us are doing ONLINE Autism shows. As much as we would love to make these events must be reaching out personally too! Online shows will not generate sales unless you are working them. :) What happens when YOU get a mass email? Do you feel obligated to reply? NO! What happens when you see a post on Facebook, do you feel inclined to comment? NO! PERSONAL, PERSONAL, PERSONAL!!!!!! That is why Jeanine is doing what she is doing. She is using that personal touch!

Cheers to everyone with shows this week!!! Rock it and believe in yourself!!

Stef xo

FLASH CHALLENGE!!!! Book a NEW APRIL in home show by TUESDAY and you will be entered to win the DEVON in GOLD!!

And.....the winner is......

Who Qualified already???? (Sold $500!)

Congratulations to these ladies that already QUALIFIED for April and sold over $500 !!! They will earn business supply credits and corporate leads! Plus..a fun $120 +++ in their pockets!!

Jeanine Nau

Shannon Burgwald

Emalee Warren

Mary McGarr

Kate Foster

Sandra Mc Grath

Courtney Coleman

Natalie Reed

Julia Miller

Beth Quartel

Erin Kohrherr

Katie Schaible

Beth Crawford

Suzy Albert

Megan Wittman

Jen Francis

Jen Spitzen

Sarah Fielding

Pamala Sullivan

Danielle Habr

And the winner is...............

#10-------- BETH QUARTEL!!!!!!!! You will get an iTUNES gift card in the mail soon!