Amendment XXVIII

by Marissa Cimmino

Men and Women should be paid the same amount of money.

Men clearly make more money than women. Even though they work the same job, men typically get paid more than women do.

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For example at age 30 both men and women have experienced a wage growth of almost exactly 60 percent, meaning the typical man would be earning $65,300 (compared to their baseline of $40,800) and the typical woman would be earning $51,000 (compared to their baseline of $31,900).

Why this is important to US citizens

Because women are making substantially much less than men and this is becoming a problem for women. If men and women began making the same amount of money when working the same job, it would be more fair to women

Who it will benefit

Women will benefit by this because they will begin making the same amount of men which will increase how much they will make all year.


Pros: will be good for women because they will make the same amount as men.

Cons: for men this will not be good because they will be making the same amount as women so they will not feel as important

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