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What is I Can Run?

I Can Run is a group for boys and girls to inspire them to be self-confident, healthy, and discover their potential to solve problems and reach their goals. By providing fun games, team building activities and running, students will learn that there is nothing they can't do.

What does a volunteer do?

A volunteer is a coach who will train small teams of boys or girls through a curriculum covering team work, goal setting, understanding ourselves and running games. Coaches and teams meet twice a week for 10 weeks with a goal of completing a 5K race at the conclusion of the program. Meetings will begin in March and will meet twice a week after school from 3-4:30 pm.

What Types Of Volunteers Are There?

Whether you love to run or not, if you have a passion for helping kids realize their potential, there is a spot for you on the I CAN Run team.

  • Head Coach--oversees both the classroom lessons and running games for their group.
  • Assistant Coach--Helps the head coach. May have a specialty in either classroom lessons on goal setting, team work, or personal empowerment or running.
  • Junior Coach--A high school junior or senior who wants to work with a group of students and assists both the head coach and assistant coach.
  • Running Buddy--get those running shoes out as you run with a group and encourage youngsters to keep moving!
  • 5K Volunteer--Helps to organize and prepare for the culminating 5K run at the end of the program.
  • Healthy Snacker--Helps to plan, organize and prepare weekly snacks for participants at each meeting.
  • Fundraiser--Organizes and contacts various business to help support the I CAN Run program for small prizes and t-shirts for each participant.
  • Graphic Designer/Advertiser--helps to promote the I CAN Run program by creating and sending flyers, newsletter, and brochures to all stakeholder.

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