with Dr. Kristina Stitcher and Dr. Tim Young

Practicing the ART of Chiropractic

Come join with your Parker family for this amazing event! Dr. Stitcher and Dr. Young will be our guest speakers and dropping their adjusting knowledge on the Parker students.

The event will take place in the gym. Please bring 1 table per 2-3 students.


Parker University Adjust-a-thon

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 5-7:30pm

2540 Walnut Hill Lane

Dallas, TX


5 - 5:30: Check in, get food, set up tables

5:30 - 6: Dr. Stitcher Lecture

6 - 6:30: Workshop with Dr. Stitcher

6:30 - 7: Dr. Young Lecture

7 - 730: Workshop with Dr. Young

We are Parker Student Senate

This event was brought to you and paid for by your Parker Senate.