Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia

By Sarah Lane

Why move to Singapore

You should move to Singapore because the British just colonized there. Singapore is seen as the port of call to, “revitalize and protect the merchant fleet,” and also to prevent the Dutch invasion in the East Indies. Singapore’s advantageous location on the narrow passage between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea is a great deal. Imperialism is a new concept that leaders around Europe have taken in. In other places people have lead their countries in greatness such as King Mongkut and his son King Chulaongkorn are leading Thailand in the right direction. Emilio Aguinaldo in the Philippines is standing up against the United States and taking leadership. Another place the British have is Burma, which is a wonderful place with opportunities to trade and you can show the native people the right choices. The British prefer direct ruler, which you could be, where we take out the bad leaders who do not do their job and replace them with more suitable leaders. Other countries that can not control their colonies use Indirect ruler where they keep the rulers there. One person take notes on is Commodore George Dewey, he defeated the Spanish fleet to gain leadership over the Philippines, now their people can enjoy new territory.

Why were Westerners so determined to colonize Southeast Asia?

The Westerners wanted power, due to Imperialism, and they wanted to add to their empire. They could also create and land bridge between China and Europe. The conection would increase trade and more people would want to move to explore new places and culture.

How is Imperialism connected to Social Darwinism?

Social Darwinism held that those made better or worse by industrialization were based on the natural predisposition of the people effected. For those who were made better off, the success of those people demonstrated that they had a well-evolved culture and this expansion would help remove or improve underperforming cultures, which were those "chosen" by the fact that they were performing poorly. All in all, according to the Social Darwinist, Imperialism was the natural expansion and success of a well-evolved culture and this expansion would help remove or improve underperforming cultures.

What was the chief goal of the Western nations?

To colonize and gain land.
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