All of Paul

Phoebe C.

His Young Life

Paul Revere is famous because he did many thing's in his early life. Revere worked as a silver smith with his dad. He also worked as a political cartoonist and a messenger. Revere was a minute man to help patriot's. Mr. Revere showed lots of diligence in his early life.

''The British Are Coming!''

Paul Revere contributed a lot to help the US . He rode around the colonie's warning colinist's that the British were coming(AKA''The Red Coutes). Revere helped patriot's win the Revolutionary War. He took a big risk just for patriot's. Revere risked his life a lot in his contrabution's.

People Remeber Paul Revere...

People remeber Paul Revere from his famous ride. Mr.Revere has and used his gift of bravery when he could get caught during his famous ride He showed lot's of diligence and great risk . Paul also valued lots of liberty and freedom in his controbutions. Paul Revere lived as a Amarican Hero!