A Newsletter for the CCS K-12 Social Studies Community

Volume 2, Issue 4, Summer 2016

Inside this edition:

  • Student Program Spotlight: CCS Students Take Top Honors at State History Day
  • Student Program Spotlight: Youth & Government
  • Professional Learning: Summer PD Opportunities - June 14-16, 2016
  • Professional Learning: Get ConnectED in CCS PD - August 12, 2016
  • Curriculum: Social Studies Academic Elective Seminars 2016-2017
  • Digital Resources: Google Apps for Education
  • Digital Resources: YouTube Digital Toolbox
  • Digital Resources: INFOhio

CCS Students Take Top Honors at State History Day Contest

Ohio History Day is not just a day, it's an experience! It is a year-long program that engages students in grades 4-12 in authentic learning.

CCS students were recognized for their outstanding History Day projects at the State History Day competition held April 30 at Ohio Wesleyan University.

In the Youth Division, students from Columbus Gifted Academy and Maize Elementary competed. CCS students captured all three state awards in the Group Exhibits category and one award in both the Individual Exhibit and Group Performance categories.

Congratulations to state award winners:

  • Malik Ray & Robert Frazier, Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (Maize Elementary)
  • KayNeia Erby & Issatu Conteh, Ohio’s Underground Railroad (Maize Elementary)
  • Sarah Dada & Renata Terrazas, Nelson Mandela and the Struggle against Apartheid (Columbus Gifted Academy)
  • Conlan Simpkins, Sputnik—The Invention that Led to the Exploration of the Moon (Columbus Gifted Academy)
  • Zara Mansaray, Kevin Houston, Arnav Londhe, Callie Carter, Alexander D’Agostino, & Nolan Matos, 3-2-1 Blastoff! (Columbus Gifted Academy)

The teacher advisors for Youth Division History Day are Lynda Ray (Maize) and Deborah Ferrell (Columbus Gifted Academy).

In the Senior Division, fifteen students from Whetstone High School advanced to the state event based on their scores at the regional competition. Congratulations to Adaline Kerr whose paper, DDT: Poisoning America, was selected as a national alternate. Teachers Krista Buckley and Kathy Arnold are the History Day advisors at Whetstone.


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YMCA Youth & Government


Summer Social Studies PD Opportunities - June 14 -16, 2016

The CCS Social Studies Office will host three workshops in June. Registration for these events is now available in PD Planner through June 6.

  • American Government Reimagined: How can we design a 21st century American Government course that promotes informed civic engagement AND prepares students for Ohio's State Test? This session will look at engaging strategies for teaching American Government learning targets and active citizenship. We will examine Government Alive! (TCI), Mini-Qs in Civics (DBQ Project), Mastering Ohio’s American Government Assessment (Jarrett Publishing), and We the People (Center for Civic Education). Free materials will be provided.

    Location: Hudson Distribution Center, 737 E. Hudson, Jane Pratt Room

    Date: June 14, 2016

    Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Audience: HS American Government Teachers

  • Unpacking Learning Targets for Social Studies State Tests: In this webinar, participants will learn how to unpack learning targets and promote student mastery of targets for Ohio's State Tests in Grades 4 and 6. Copies of Mastering Ohio’s Grade 4 Social Studies Test and Mastering Ohio’s Grade 6 Social Studies Test (Jarrett Publishing) will be provided.

    Location: Online -

    Date: June 15, 2016

    Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

    Audience: Social Studies Teachers of Grades 4 and 6

  • Sharpening Social Studies Skills 2.0: This workshop will provide hands-on strategies for building social studies skills for students in K-12. Topics include: differentiation and vertical alignment, teaching with primary sources, research skills for History Day, and Tech Tools & Google Apps for historical thinking. Participants may bring their own device or use a district Chromebook.

    Location: Linmoor Education Center, Cafeteria, 2001 Hamilton Ave.

    Date: June 16, 2016

    Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    Audience: Social Studies Teachers K-12


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Get ConnectED in CCS

Professional Learning and Licensure and the CCS eLearning Committee are planning another Get ConnectED in CCS event! Mark your calendar for August 12, 2016 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at East High School. Sign-up is now available on CiMS.

We are now seeking presenters. There are three types of presentations and you will receive a stipend for presenting. Presenter applications are due May 11. The application and more information for presenters is available here: Get ConnectED Fall 16 Presentation Proposal.

A glimpse of Get ConnectED in CCS held March 12, 2016 can be seen here: Get ConnectED in CCS-Spring 2016.


Social Studies Academic Elective Seminars 2016-2017

Beginning in 2016-2017, we will have a new set of common skills and reasoning learning targets for Social Studies Academic Electives: African-American Studies, Global Issues, Law, Sociology/Psychology. These targets are adapted from the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework. They emphasize the critical thinking skills and disciplinary concepts and tools of social studies. We have purposely avoided a detailed list of content objectives. We want these courses to focus on depth and a “less is more” approach to content. Teachers will have the flexibility to work with their students to shape the specific direction of course content that is most meaningful.

A draft document of the learning targets is available on Google Drive. The document is open for commenting. To comment, click on the link below and sign-in to Google with your CCS username and password. Then, click on a place in the document and click on the comment button on the right to add your suggestions or questions.


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CCS Google Apps for Education

Did you know that your CCS email address works as a Google sign-in? CCS is a Google Apps for Education site. By signing in with your CCS email address and password, you have unlimited file storage in Google Drive. You also have access to a full suite of Google Apps including Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Google Classroom, YouTube, and more.

Over the summer, we will be integrating the Social Studies Instructional Resource Portal with Google Drive. While many resources will remain publicly accessible on the website, others will be protected in Drive and only accessible with your CCS Google sign-in. Google Drive and Google Classroom will also provide us with robust tools for collaboration.


CCS Social Studies Professional Learning Page and YouTube Channel

Presentations and resources from CCS Social Studies PD workshops are available from the Social Studies Professional Learning webpage:

Interested in learning more about PowToon? Flubaroo? the Points of View Reference Center? Google Apps? Check out the Social Studies YouTube Channel for video tutorials on a variety of digital tools for social studies teachers:


Points of View Reference Center


INFOhio: Ohio's Digital Library

INFOhio transforms teaching and learning by connecting educational resources with the power of information technology.

INFOhio's extensive digital collections and databases are free for Ohio teachers and students. If you are working from a district computer or public library, you will automatically be logged-in. If you are working from home, you will need to use the district username and password.

Social Studies teachers may be especially interested in the following resources from INFOhio:

  • Storia: Ohio's 4th Grade eBook Collection
  • Explora for Grades PreK-5 (EBSCO)
  • World Book Student (all grades)
  • World Book Timelines (all grades)
  • Points of View Reference Center (grades 6-12)


Columbus City Schools Social Studies

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Lynda Ray, K-5 Social Studies Coordinator

Matt Doran, 6-12 Social Studies Coordinator