NBPS October Technology Newsletter

Read about new tools during virtual instruction

Technology Resources

Our Staff Corner has a Technology Resource page with a menu of different subscriptions that we have access to in our district or recommend to be utilized during virtual or hybrid instruction. When you click on the icons, you will have access to a variety of resources and information pertaining to that particular technology subscription or tool. This can include newsletters, videos, documents, presentations, etc.

Google Meet Updates!

We are starting to have access to all the new updates coming out through Google Meets. As these new features are accessible, please be patient and we will give you updated information on the changes as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

This month we have "Quick Access" under Host Controls. This will make students or outside domain users, request to come into your Google Meet. If you have invited them via Google Calendar, this feature is automatically disabled. However, this is great for blocking unwanted users and phone numbers from entering.

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Paint On Your Screen using Web Paint!

Try the Web Paint Google Extension that allows you to draw, add text, shapes, and even add color to a website, to help grasp your student's attention. It is a great way to enhance instruction when you are presenting using a Google Meet and can help you engage students by blocking out information or ads that can be somewhat distracting.
Web Paint Extension
Click Here To Add The Extension Called Web Paint

Watch the video below to get trained on how to use it.

PDF Reader Using Read& Write

Many of you have been asking for an extension called Kami. Although Kami is great, many aspects of it are not free. Thankfully we have our own PDF Reader that allows us to do all that Kami does and we have a full subscription for it.

With the PDF Reader you can:

  • annotate any PDF by adding text, freehand drawing, shapes
  • highlight any pdf and collect highlights in a separate document
  • highlight and create vocabulary lists
  • leave comments and feedback, in which students can reply
  • use text to speech and the screenshot reader to hear the PDF being read to you
  • use speech to text to annotate or to leave comments
  • can now use the equatiO toolbar along with the PDF Reader
PDF Reader: Utilizing Read & Write

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This year if you would like to highlight a staff member...

Please email Carla Segarra at carla_segarra@nbpsnj.net, to be considered for our district-wide newsletters. This is a great way to recognize our staff for all the amazing work they do.