Say Yes To School Uniforms

By: Emily A.

why public schools should have school uniforms

  1. There will be less bullying around - cause that's mostly what people bully each other about-
  2. It keeps you from being late to school (because people take to much time to find what matches or its right)
  3. They cost $80 less then what parents buy or their children
  4. Keeps people on task and which makes them get better grades
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how school uniforms cause LESS bullying

  • most bullying comes from what kids wear but with school uniforms you dont have to worry cause everyone is wearing the same thing!
  • a girl named Katie noticed less bullies and more people becoming friends after getting school uniforms
  • a study in Long Beach California, have school uniforms greatly reduced (stopped) bullying and violence. It dropped about 70%!!!

How school uniforms keep you from being late to school

  • Deciding what to wear every morning takes a lot of time, but if your school gets uniforms, you know what you'll be wearing every day!
  • If you have school uniforms, you have a lot of time to get to school -you could probably sleep in!-

How school uniforms keep you on task and not to worry about getting new or designer clothes

  • people say uniforms are to expensive. They cost LESS
  • Parents spend $80 less on uniforms then on clothes for children that go to school without uniforms
  • 44% parents noticed that their kids are getting better grades after getting school uniforms
School Uniforms - Pros and Cons
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why this graph is good (only pay attention to the grade 6-8 side)

it shows how less competitive we are with clothing. How? Well bullying comes from what kids wear, so no body needs to make fun of whoever's clothing. How this effects from being late to school: You want to wear better clothes than whoever is in your class. It takes time!This inter fears with bullying. And it keeps you on task cause you are probably worried if you look good in the clothes you wear. Or if you just or bullied your not paying attention to class, you are making your clothes look better. Less competitive is good!