HR Week at a Glance

Week of July 24

Week at a Glance

Monday, July 24

Frontline Webinar 1:00

Tuesday, July 25

New Hire Orientation (Para/Professional)

Wednesday, July 26

Humanex Mtg -10:00 (Kim/Kim/Missy/Eric)

Team Mtg - 1:00

Thursday, July 27

Dr. Warren Planning Mtg (Kim/Kim) 4:00

Friday, July 28

Happy Friday!

HR Happenings

  • Tuesday is our first Paraprofessional/Professional New Hire Orientation. All paras will be taken to the CDC at approximately 10:00am. We will be providing lunch for the paras as well. We may need some assistance ensuring their lunches are provided for them in the CDC - stay tuned for details.
  • We currently have the following positions left to fill: 21 campus paraprofessionals, 22 elementary teaching, 11 high school teacher, 8 middle school teaching and 7 support services positions. We are almost there!
  • Be sure to use our team Google doc to share your ideas for employee attendance incentives.
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