Software Engineering

Ariana Patron

What is software engineering?

Software engineering is creating and upgrading software that is used in our everyday lives. It allows us to communicate with others that are far away, along with helping others save lives. I believe that computers will help us progress in the future, and I want to learn how to create these sophisticated pieces of software and find ways to improve them for others.

Typical Day

A typical day for a software engineer involves developing the software in a group. The software engineers normally get the information from the customer to see what they want. They then design how the program will work, and depending on which company they work for, they either write the program themselves, or let the computer programmers do it. Software engineers will work on the project until they are satisfied that it is complete.They may work overtime in order to complete their project by the deadline.
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Starting Salary

The typical starting salary ranges from $55,190 to $62,670. It can vary slightly as it depends on what company you are a part of and where you are stationed for this job. The salary can also vary if you are specialized in a particular area within software engineering.


A bachelor's degree in software engineering or computer science is needed in order to become a software engineer. This is because all of the work deals with understanding the software and how it works in relation to the hardware components of the computer.


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