Weekly Info.

National School Choice Week (NSCW) is here!!!

This week, FSI will celebrate NSCW! Below is a link to the dance that you can participate in learning, as well as some more information on how to promote going to a great school (FSI) and getting an awesome education by AWESOME teachers. A fun activity that I came across is that you could have students write thank you letters to their parents for sending them to FSI and explaining what/why they enjoy it so much.

There will be a dance contest Thursday and Friday, to the NSCW theme song. Please sign up in the teacher's lounge if your class plans on participating.

Grandparents Day

Below is a link to a great website to help with ideas for grandparents day. (ex. present them with cards, students read poems to them, prepare and sing a song, make a craft with them, etc.) Grandparents have been invited to come to your classrooms at 2:30 on Friday, Jan. 29. I've already seen some great ideas in the works!

Early Release

Below is the schedule for Wednesday:

2:15-2:45- Team Meetings (cafeteria)

2:45-3:45- Work time (classrooms)

3:45-4:00- Committee meetings (cafeteria)

Test, test, testing

ESL testing will continue in the computer lab.

NWEA make up testing is happening on Monday. Testing window closes on Friday! Please check to see if you still have students that have not tested in the winter window.

Star testing should be finished by the end of this week, as well. Please check your scores, to make sure all students have tested.


Please read over these reminders, so each day can be successful!

* Kindest Kansas Citian essays are due by Feb. 3rd. Please make sure to read what is needed in order to qualify.

*Don't forget the Schlitterbahn Reading Program has begun! Make sure to read the teacher's materials so you turn in the correct information at the end. This will run until March 25. Students that complete the program will receive a FREE ticket to Schlitterbahn!

* Students are never to be left unattended, even to run to get copies from the teacher’s lounge. Be prepared!!! (call for help if needed)

* TLC minutes are put on your Google sheet or turned in (through email) once a week!

* Bathroom breaks are bathroom breaks.

* Use your classroom management 100% of the time

* Ms. Dredge is in charge of discipline, NOT MANAGING YOUR CLASSROOM!

* FSI's January character trait is Commitment: “I commit myself to take on tasks I believe in.”

Happy birthday week to Mrs. Erdogan!!


Positive Framing continued...

Did you try this last week? No? Try it this week, then!

Are you using Positive Framing? (take the time to reflect on how you discipline)

If so, you are...

- making interventions to correct student behavior in a positive and constructive way.

- "disciplining" students in the sense of teaching them the right way to do things.

- you are teaching them in an optimistic, upbeat, confident manner.

(refer back to last weeks news letter for the 6 rules of positive framing)

*Interventions will be far more effective if they are framed positively.

Upcoming Events

1/25-1/29- Nation School Choice Week

1/27- Early Release

1/29- Grandparents Day

February- Black History Month

2/5- Progress Reports

2/11- Parent Teacher Conferences

2/12- PD

NSCW 2016 Official Dance