Assessments help mold the curriculum and student learning!

The purpose of Assesment

I do have to say that I feel that assessments should not solely be about teacher and school performance, but more so about whom the assessment is for and how it helps them become a better learner. I still do think that it is a useful tool for teachers when they are developing or adapting their curriculum. Assessments help meet the needs of the learners in the classroom but the focus of assessments should be well balanced and sensible aimed towards the students.

Assessments and students

Even though I only work with preschool aged students I am actively using assessments to guide my lesson plans and curriculum, but also use it to ensure the kids in my care are gaining the most from their learning experiences with me. I make sure the parents know about my assessments and share the feedback with them and the children. This helps the children know what and why we are learning what we are and what steps we are going to take to move them onto the next area. “Include a deep focus on student involvement because it inevitably leads to student achievement” (Lopez, 2013, pg. 98). Summative assessments that I have found have help me determine and create my curriculum, it helps me group the children together and make sure they are given extra time on areas of need. I see that these assessments have such value for my criteria indicators and help me target achievement goals, but also help me make sure that students are not moving on until the material is mastered. I create my own formal assessments to determine what pace I am going to work on the material at and to know when the children are understanding and completing the key materials. Thankfully there are so many resources I can look to for help when creating formal assessments and even other teachers at other centers I can reach out to for ideas.

The children are my partners in assessment

Even though at this age group assessments are not as formal as in main stream school I have actively involved the children in the assessment process by explaining how they will achieve the learning goals I have set in place and what it will take to move onto the next level. I let them be in charge of their learning and use a target achievement goal sticker chart that shows them how far they have gone, what comes next, and what they will know/be able to do at the end.