CSE exam

Steps invloved in applying for and taking the CSE Exam

Clinical Simulation Examinaton Requirements

Obviously we know the first step, and that is to PASS our TMC! We then have to be an applicant who has successfully completed the TMC by passing with the higher cut score on or after January 1, 2015 to be eligible to sit for the CSE.

The next step is to fill out an application and pay for the Clinical Simulation Exam which costs $200.00. ​ Once application has been approved to take the NBRC examination (and passed) and all fees are paid (can pay online), you may schedule online from the NBRC website or from a testing agency website, www.goAMP.com.​ The application process is faster by filling out online and not through mail if you want to schedule the exam pretty quick (strongly recommend).

There really isn't a waiting period to take the CSE right after you PASS your TMC, but there is a three year time limit to earn your RRT credential. ( I don't recommend this nor waiting the last minute to take the TMC/CSE as you will only make it harder on yourself.)

Also if your a current member of the AARC, you are eligible for a $40 dollar discount off your NBRC exam! So if your membership is currently expired, I would strongly recommend renewing it to be able to receive the $40 discount.

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