Clifford Brown

jazz player


Born on October 30, 1930, in Wilmington, Delaware, Clifford Brown began playing the trumpet at the age of 13, after his father gave him the instrument as a gift upon entering Howard High School. Showing great skill as a musician early on, Brown played in his high school band and other musical groups, with band instructor Harry Andrews serving as a significant early influence. But it was his jazz instructor, Robert "Boysie" Lowery, who really made the trumpet "click" for "Brownie," as Brown came to be known; he credited the music teacher with giving him an integral understanding of jazz chord changes and improvisation.

On June 27, 1956—LaRue's 22nd birthday, as well as her and Clifford's second wedding anniversary—Brown-Roach Quintet pianist Richie Powell's wife, Nancy, was driving her husband and Brown to Chicago for a gig at The Blue Note, when they skidded off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Brown and the Powells were killed in the crash. According to LaRue, the trip marked the first time that she and Clifford hadn't traveled together.

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1 what Instrument did he play.

2 what day did he die

3 when was he born


He died at 25

He won new star of the year

He left 4 years of recordings

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