Micah Conarty

Uruguays Flag

Uruguay's flag represents the nine original departments of Uruguay, we know this because the original Uruguay flag had 9 stripes. The sun represents a new nation in the world.


Uruguay is located within a temperate zone, this means the temperatures are usually moderate. Even though Uruguay is in a temperate zone, the country is said to be warm and it is rarely freezing during winter.

Geographical Features

Most of Uruguay is grazing land for sheep and other animals but some of it is used for agriculture. Uruguay is connected to the South Atlantic ocean.

Languages in Uruguay

Spanish is the official language in Uruguay. Uruguayan Spanish is heavily influenced by the Italian language and Portuguese.


In Uruguay money is called Uruguayan Peso. 1 American dollar is worth 25.46 Uruguayan Peso.

Population: 3.407 Million


Uruguay has a very high literacy rate compared to other countries. Uruguayan students spend 6 years in primary school and 2 years in Middle education. Student can quit school by the age of 14 and can begin to work at the age of 15.


Uruguay has a Constitutional Republic government. The president is Tabaré Vázquez.

Tourist sites

One of the most popular tourist sites in Uruguay is the capital, Montevideo. Montevideo includes places such as The Ciudadela Gateway which is the only remaining section of a wall that once surrounded the city. Another good place is Palacio Salvo, which is a palace like hotel. Another good tourist attraction is Casapueblo, this is a palace-like art gallery.

Popular Food

Asado is a popular dish in Uruguay. It is basically just beef grilled over coals. Another Uruguayan dish is Chivito which is a sandwich containing steak, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.