Jewelry in Candles!

100% Soy wax candles with a surprise inside every one.

Our business is the fastest growing this year!

With our all natural soy candles you get 150+ hours of burn time. And 3 weeks of scent from our wax tarts.(for heaters) Also, COMING SOON! Aroma beads. To put in your car, or in child's room. No flame!

With all our great scents from Clean Cotton to Pumpkin we have scents to fit your smell good needs.

With every candle that is purchased you get to CHOOSE your own jewelry that come inside the candle. Ring sizes 6, 7, and 8 are available, as well as earrings and necklaces. The jewelry that you pull out of your candle could be worth anywhere from $10-$1000! All real, nothing fake.

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Good for all size of order, and everything in our store.


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