Family Relationships in Rain Man

Two pictures from the movie.

The description explains for itself.
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This picture is representing that brothers are the best things that you can have, and no one can take this away. Nobody can make you change more than your own family. This picture is from a point in the movie where Charlie is trying to ask Raymond to live with him. Great Example of family relationships.
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Family Relationships - Forgive and Forget the Little Things

-----UP ABOVE----- I could not find anything exactly partaking to Rain Man, but tried my best!

The movie Rain Man: The movie Rain Man is a movie about a brother who has some troubled times with money, but in the mits of his fathers death he meets his brother he has never truly known. The type of theme for this movie is Family Friendship. Charlie Babbitt is in a really bad situation when one some of his car selling deals go bad and he is deeply in debt, but in his luck his dad happens to have died and left a big will. But the problem is the money wasn’t going into Charlies name. Instead it was going to some guy who happens to be mentally challenged man. Not knowing anything about this man Charlie finds out it’s his brother that he never knew. So in Charlies bright mind he decides to take his brother (whose name is Raymond) and try to convince him to give the money to him (Charlie). While Charlie is trying to do this he eventually gets to become in a deep relationship with his brother and wants to now have Raymond live with him. This movie is a strong example of a Family Relationship that eventually becomes a more heart warming friendship.