Miguel Cervantes



Miguel was born in Alcala de Henares, Spain. Cervantes was the second son in his family, but the fourth of seven kids. In 1570, Cervantes joined the company of Diego de Urbina, in the Spanish forces at Napels. In 1584, he married Dona Catalina. He later died in Madrid, Spain in the year of 1616.


Miguel Cervantes did many great things, such as writing Don Quixote, part one and two, also writing Viaje del Parnasotho, the satire. Besides writing, he tried to become a captain for the military he joined, Diego de Urbina. He got recommendation letters from friends in the military, even his general.

Interesting Facts

  1. He was excommunicated by the dean and chapter of the Cathedral of Seville for requisitioning their grain in Ecija.
  2. Cervantes was jailed for re-requisitioning
  3. When he was aboard a ship during a battle, he was injured three times, twice in the chest, and once in the left hand. The last wound maimed his hand for life.
  4. Miguel Cervantes's father was a doctor

Impact on Today

Cervantes was involved in the expedition in 1574. In 1576, Cervantes was a slave, he lead a "jail break" and got away from the people holding him captive. Although, when he was a slave, he wrote some of his great works like the second part to Don Quixote, and plays like The Traffic of Algiers, and The Baths of Algiers. The greatest impact was Don Quixote itself. Don Quixote had an impact on modern day novels being half comic, half tragic.

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"Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn."-Miguel Cervantes