I want a hoverboard !

buy Addison a hoverboard for Christmas 🤗


Everybody wants a hoverboard, not everyone can afford one because they are around $300-400 dollars. If I had one , I'd look pretty cool. They are so fun and cool you should be so genius to buy me one.


The best features of a hoverboard is that it's a step up from walking. Also their is a Bluetooth speaker in the board so you can jam out while riding. It goes 6.5 mph and the weight capacity is 264 pounds. As well as that you don't have to hear that my feet hurt so that's a plus for everyone.


If I do not receive this for Christmas I will ignore you forever. I will portend I don't know you as well as cry all day to annoy you. In that case I won't like you so it will be better if you get it for me!


Famous people have hoverboards , like Justin briber my boyfriend. If famous people have one and then I have one that'd be so cool. If your idol has a hoverboard and then you do , you feel one step closer to them you feel like.
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