Chasing The Falconers-Gordon Korman

By: Kyan Tomkins

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Brief Summary

Aiden and Meg are stuck in Sunnydale farm. The farm catches on fire, so Aiden and Meg escape. They go to a train station, where they find Miguel Reyes, a friend from Sunnydale. They team up and run away from the cops, but find many obstacles on the way. Will the fugitive kids make it, or will they get caught? Read the book to find out!


Some of the main characters in my book are Aiden and Meg Falconer, Miguel Reyes, John and Louise Falconer, and Frank Lindenauer. Aiden, Meg, and Miguel are all fugitives who escaped from Sunnydale farm in Nebraska. John and Louise Falconer are Aiden and Megs parents, who have a life sentence in prison. Frank Lindenauer is the person who got the Falconers in jail.