Lineville's 6th grade technology

Jakob Knotz


Hello boys and girls, today i will teach you about what do in the Typing courses. First we do learn to type, in order to pass, you need to pass the Intermediate course. To get a four you need to pass the Intermediate course in the quarter you start in. After you complete Intermedate course you get the option of having you face on the Tip Top Typists bord or not.


What we do in an itrailer is we do for example *what i do after school* or somthing like that, but we can do more. Then we take and/or find photos for the related to your trailer.

Lastly we have the option of presenting it or not.


We find a dream job and make a 10 slide presentaion. We find pictures and facts to put on our slides. Then we present it, we have no choice.

career locker

Mis. Vandanbowgard (Van) comes in and we do survays. then we tanke tests to see our strangths and how we learn best. then do things to find or perfict career

Explain everything

We find a problem hard or easy. we type only, no writhing to set up problems. then we record or problems.


we watch a video intro why there is coding. then and now set up our accounts on the coding webesite. then we complate atleast 6 courses by the end of the year.