Center High School: SOS

Spotlight on Strategies - Building Capacity

Every Monday, I will be submitting a new strategy

As instructors we are always looking for practical knowledge and tools to create positive and lifelong learning. Time is of the essence in so many ways, I thought this would be a quick and easy way for you to browse and try some new strategies as we continue to develop our learner centered classrooms.

Our First Strategy: CSI

Color, Symbol, Image: We want to get our students to think of the big ideas and important themes in what they have just read, seen, or heard.

Purpose: Develop a routine that asks students to identify and distill the essence of ideas

  • Choose a color that you think best represents the essence of that idea.
  • Create a symbol that you think best represents the essence of that idea.
  • Sketch an image that you think best captures the essence of that idea.

Why use CSI in your classroom?

  • Enhances student comprehension
  • Develops metaphorical thinking
  • In assessing, it provides the instructor with some guided questions to encourage/promote higher order thinking skills.

Need more information about CSI?

Stop by Room 302 and let's visit.