University Project

Carlo Perruzza

The purpose

The purpose of this project is to determine the best university for me based on the 6 pieces of criteria that i have selected. Afer multiplying the calculated data matix and the weighted matrix, the results will tell us which university is the best choice. The university who has the smalles number after multiplication will be the winner.

Raw Data

Calculated Data matrix multiiplication

Once i used my formulas ( can be found in the criteria section) to calculate my calculated data. I than multiplied that data with the weighted data. I weighted each criteria category out of 100 percent. The categories that was of the most importance for me were ranked the highest. The criteria categorias that were not of significant importancre to me were ranked the lowest. The matrix's below are the ones that will be multiplies together. The calculated data x the weighted matrix. This will give us our final matrix

FInal data

By examing our data after multipliying the 2 matrix's we can deteremine that the winner is the university of South Carolina. This is simply because of all the other schools after the matrix multiplication South Carolinas result is the smallest. South Carolina is the perfect school for me because it has most of the criteria that i need.

The table belows shows the final data Matrix


Parents Preference

Parents preference is an extremely important criteria that anyone should consider when applying to a university or college. Basically parents preference is your parents choice of which university's they prefer you to go to the most. This is important to me because it is very important to me that my parents support and like the universities that i want to apply to or attend. The formula i used to calculate this data was simply ranking the schools from 1 to 6 that i preder the most

Student Retention

The student retention rate can give one a good idea of if students like the university. This crteria informs us of the percentage that stays at the university after the first year. To me this is important because it allows me to see the ammount of students who did not drop out after the first year. This is crucial because i can determine wheather many students leave or stay after the first year. If many students choose to leave, One could get the impression that the university is tough or unliked. The formula that i used to determine the student retention data was x-85. The reason why i picked 85 is because it was the ideal student retention rate for me.

Student / Faculty ratio

Class sizes in a university can be very important. Some students learn better in a smaller class size and some dont care about class size. To me i prefer a smaller class size, this is because i tend to do better in a learning evironment in which the student / faculty ratio is smaller. The formula that u used to caluciate my data is x-18. The reason why i picked the number 18 is because that is the ideal class size for me

proportion who graduate

Every students goal going into university is graduatuing. This criteria tells us the percentage of students that graduate. The reason why this is of importance to me is because i want to go to a univeristy where i have the best possible chance of graduating and earning my degree in the program of my choice. If the percentage of the proportion of students who gruate is low, chances are the university is not the right fit for me.The formula that i used to calculate the data for the proportion who graduate was x-80. The reason why i picked the number 80 is because i want at least 80 percent of the students to graduate.

school population

School population is something that everyone should take in account whent considering a university. This is because it tells you the ammount of students that attend the university. Not all students prefer the same school size. Some people prefer universities with a large number of students while other students prefer universities with less students. I personally prefer a smaller school so this criteria for me can help me determine which universites have a small school population. The formula that i used to calculate the school population data was x-5000. Since i prefer a smaller school size 5000 students would be the perfect school size for me.

Entrance Requirement

This Criteria tell's the averge that you must have to meet the admissions requirements. This criteria to me is the most important because it informs me of the mark that i must get and obtained to have a chance of getting into the progtram and universoty of my choice. Since i think this is the most important i ranked it the highest with a ranking of 35 percent. The formula that u used to calculate my data was x-75. Because the entrance requirement mark is so important i chosed 75 because this is a mark that i must beable to meet and attain.


To come to a conclusion we have determined that the best school for me is the University of South Carolina. This is because it has most of my ideal requirements for each piece of criteria. The second school that is perfect for me is Laurentian. Laurentian as well as South Carolina have the smallest numbers by a wide margin. The results were ideal for me since the University of South Carolina has always been my 1st university choice. This project allowed me to prove that South Carolina is indeed the best school for me.