It's time to F.L.Y. Team News

August Edition

Team Recognition!

I know that with it being one of those "J" months that we all have struggled. It's Just going to happen and that's okay! You all have pushed through and done great. In June, we had a group total of $2,261.93. Last month you all did $6,264.93 (and as a sneak peek you're at nearly $5,400 half way through THIS month)!!!

With that being said, I'd like to recognize our top sellers and say THANK YOU!

My 1st Line Designers

#3 Kathy Hoffman
#2 Dana Maksimovich
#1 Tammy Howe

Overall Team, Top 3 Sellers

#3 Judit Soos
#2 Joanna Cone
#1 Janiece Ferrell

And might I add these top three ladies JUST got their wings at convention last month!

Way to go!


In the last month we've gotten several new faces that I would like to introduce!

Dana Maksimovich welcomed Terri Bailey
Tammy Lowe welcomed Ashley Luis
Kathy Hoffman welcomed Tiffany Rodriguez
Tiffany Rodriguez welcomed Rachel Gilmore

I'd also like to welcome DIW Team Desiree Stoker and Kristen Schout who bring with them DIW's Amanda Briscoe, Christy Pinkston, Lauren Saxon, Roelfina VanDerKnaap, Natasha Francis and HER DIW Andrea Barbour.

We're growing fast and I am so grateful for each and every one of you!!! :)

August Team Contest

Our {LoVE} Team Leader Kimberlie has come up with a contest for her level ones and asked each of us to encourage our teams as well. So I am extending it to each of MY level ones and if any of you have a team of 1 or 100, you can participate too!! Just let your team know you're offering it to them and they'll get the details below!

How it works!

· It will be Personal Volume based for my/your level 1 Designers.

· For each $1000 level in PV reached you/they will have the opportunity to earn NEW FALL O2 products!

· Prizes are awarded and based on Retail Price.

· I/You will then purchase the NEW products when they are available in September.

· The NEW products awarded will be at your discretion. {Saves you time by not having to worry about collecting everyone's 'order' for their {LoVE} TeAM Hoot Loot!}

***It will all be NEW products so no worries, you’ll {LoVE} it all!***

Prizes will be paid out as follows…

$1000-$1999PV $50 Retail worth of NEW products (i.e. 10 charms)

$2000-$2999PV $75 Retail worth of NEW products

$3000-$3999PV $100

$4000-$4999PV $150

$5000+PV $200

I would also like to add a challenge! There are a several people that are SOOO close to having their $99 in PV to qualify for the month. Every F.L.Y. girl (that means EVERY PERSON, not just my front line) that places orders this month equaling $99 in PV or more will be entered to win a SPECIAL PRIZE from me on TOP of our existing contest!! Now keep in mind, you only need to place $99 in PV every 6 months to stay an active designer. So if you haven't ordered in a while this is a great chance to win a prize AND stay active. Think of showers, babies, weddings, school starting... How great would it be to give a locket or tag to a deserving teacher and add a charm/dangle for their birthday, Christmas and end of the year? Where else can you get a Christmas gift for $2.50-$5 that ROCKS!?!

We can all rock this month! Let's do it! :) And to our fabulous DIW's that cannot participate just yet, be thinking of ways you can plan and grow your future business so that when it's time to FLY you can join us!

Lastly, a few reminders!

  • Please remember as you get DIW's to send me their name, email and DIW number so they can be added to our team page, newsletter and we can keep track of their place in line.
  • If you've not yet joined the Love Team page, please check your email for the invitation. There's SO MUCH great stuff there!
  • Information can also be found on the team page about our Monday Team Calls. The day we have a call the conference call number and access code will be posted.
  • Please join us Monday, August 19th for a facebook training from Amy Lowe. The event page has all the details.
  • The Nest has started to release webinars with convention training on Thursdays, located in the back office. It's a great refresher or may even be new information if you were unable to make it. Either way, it's fabulous training. This week's is on how to have a successful jewelry bar. Diw's you'll be able to get access as soon as you FLY! :)
  • Don't forget to check the back office daily for updates and back order information!
  • The Nest is changing our back office! A few fun facts:

    · The new Back Office is going to have the same look and feel of the O2 website

    · It will feature a single log-in to access orders, the O2 Document Library, News Feeds and more

    · It’s searchable, so you’ll have what you’re looking for right at your fingertips

    · It will include an all-new O2 Loop, which will function as an online Designer “Forum for Good” – a place where both The Nest and Designers will be able to share business tips, successes, inspirational stories and amazing experiences

  • FAQ's about the CABO trip will be attached to the email you got with this link to save space in the newsletter. Anyone on our team DETERMINED to be on that sandy beach in February!?! You can DO IT!