Sodapop and I

Our Comparisons

Similarities and Differences

Similarities- Sodapop and I both are the middle kids of our siblings. In the book, Ponyboy describes how Sodapop is really happy-go-lucky. I think this fits my personality very well because I like hanging loose and going with the flow. I can chill when I have nothing to do and find enjoyment in anything. Pony also states in the book, "Sodapop isn't afraid of him like everyone else is and enjoys teasing him (Darry his older brother)." (Page 9) I think this portrays the relationship between my brother and I also. I'm not really afraid of him until he starts fighting with me. I like to tease him and pick fights a lot.

Differences- When Sodapop was in school, he said the only classes he passed were auto mechanics and gym. So he dropped out of school and decided to stay at home. Even though school isn't always super fun, I'm pretty good at it and I would never drop out. It determines my future and will get me a good job when I'm older. Sodapop also likes to get in fights with other gangs while I would rather find a more useful and rational solution to the problem.


Sodapop's Story

  • In the beginning of book, Ponyboy explains how Sodapop is very understanding and helpful. Since the Curtis boys lost their parents to a fatal car crash, Sodapop is kind of the mother of the family.
  • Soda used to have this very special horse named Micky Mouse. He cherished it and never wanted to let it go because it was one of the only things he lived for. Since it wasn't technically his horse, it got sold in an auction and he was left devastated.
  • Sodapop fell in love with Sandy and decided he was going to marry her. She had to move Florida so it was either stay and marry Sodapop or leave to her grandparents. Her parents made her move because they didn't want her to marry Sodapop. She was able to move on faster than Soda could.
  • Soda participated in the annual rumble against the Socs. He is a pretty tough kid so he was able to make it out with only a busted up lip. Sodapop may not be the oldest in the group, but with everything that has happened to him in the past he is one of the toughest.
  • Soda sent Sandy a letter to try to get her in Tulsa, but she sent it back unopened. He was so depressed and angry that he tried running away. As he was running down the street Darry said to Ponyboy, "Come on let's go after him." "Circle around and cut him off." (Page 175)
  • Soda has gone through some tough times with the gang, so it really shows how tough of a kid he is. He has a lot of character and strength for someone who has lost his parents, two of his best friends, and the love of his life. Sodapop has matured and grown throughout the plot of this book, and you can tell by the way he handles tough situations. He doesn't give up or lose hope, he fights through it and looks for the light at the end of the tunnel.