Weekly Newsletter

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break, judging by the exciting stories your children shared, it sounds like you did! I spent my break resting here in Panama and basically doing some internal tourism with my family. We had so much fun getting to know bits and parts of Panama.

Knowing that transitions are sometimes hard for a 3/4 year old, we decided to have this first couple of weeks be for re-establishing routines. We started by learning each other’s names and discussing our daily schedule. We talked about our classroom rules and expectations. We read the story “The Kissing Hand" to help remind the children that it’s completely normal to be a little sad or scared at school when they are away from mom and dad. Some of you may remember in the story, the little raccoon is sad and doesn’t want to go to school. The mommy raccoon reveals the secret of the kissing hand by kissing his hand and saying "whenever you feel lonely and need a little loving from home, press your hand to your cheek and think, 'Mommy loves you!' and that very kiss will jump to your face and fill you with toasty warm thoughts." Luckily majority of the kids were very happy to be back and see their teachers and friends again.


Last semester we saw vast improvement in students traces and how they are writing their names. To keep on practicing this skill, we are expecting all children to try and write their names when they arrive to school. This will allow them to build on what they know.

Morning Discussions

Humpty Dumpty

Research has shown that reading stories,reciting poems, and chanting songs more than once, allow children to create connections and work on their memory. This week we saw "Humpty Dumpty" while playing with shakers in shape of eggs. It was a fun and entertaining game for all the kids.

Can you find your name?

Learning to associate letter can start by pinpointing their names and finding the importance of the first letter of their names. At this time of the year, all students are able to find their names and identify the names of their other classmates.

Show and Tell

Today our students had the opportunity to practice speaking in front of a public while telling their friends about their holidays. If your child was unable to bring a picture of a souvenir, they can do so on Monday.

Choice Time

Choice time is a must! Choice time is a block of time during which children have the freedom to initiate their own activities among the learning centers in the classroom. This child-initiated time is necessary for ensuring the total development of children.

Friendship Quilt

As children were out of school for a few weeks, we thought it would be nice to retake the importance of making friendship and keeping them. In our Art Area we started making a Friendship Quilt that will be displayed in our classroom to remind children of ways they can make and keep a friend.

Building up!

In most of our choice area we included new materials that can be used to build anything that comes from their imagination. From new blocks, to connecting cubes, even tools can be used to foment their creativity. Look at what they made!

Welcome to ISP

This semester we have 2 fresh new faces in our classroom. I want to welcome Ines Garza who is from Mexico and Isabela Seixas from Brazil.
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Important Information

  • Full Day will resume this Monday January 18th for the students who have already been accepted previously.
  • If there are any changes in your contact information as well as your address, please send them to me as well as the elementary administration.