Happyville Middle School Update

Bringing you the news of new developments!

Dear Parents/Guardians of our Upcoming Eighth Graders,

We are excited to announce that Happyville Middle School will become a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school starting in the Fall of 2015. A BYOD school is one where students and teachers bring their own technology devices, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other type of device. Although the school is equipped with three computer labs, allowing the students to have technology right at their fingertips will enhance learning even further. Students need to be engaged in not only what lies on the paper of their textbooks, but have access to things that are going on outside of the classroom. The more resources students have access to, the more extensive and detailed the learning process can be. Schools that have already adapted to the BYOD program have already seen a tremendous increase in parent involvement, student participation, student scores, and student engagement.

There are many ways that these technologies will be used in the classroom. We will use Kahoot, which has a gameshow effect, as a review tool for quizzes and tests. Students will also be assigned to an Emodo account, which will allow them to type, revise, and peer review other students' papers from anywhere in the school, or even at home! The more time that students spend looking at the things they are being taught, the easier it will become to learn for the students.

We look forward to bringing new technologies into the classroom in the Fall. Below are some resources you can use to get familiarized with all of the educational opportunities that can be explored through technology. Some could also be used as great activities to keep your student involved in learning over the summer.

We look forward to jumping on board with this program to help our students expand to their fullest potentials!

Brooke Madsen

Technology Specialist

Happyville Middle School


Additional Resources