Writing with Technologies

Chapter 7

21st Century

There are lots of different ways to merge writing and technology together to make writing fun for the students. Teaching students to write well is an important necessity for teachers to do but if something isn't fun the students are not going to want to learn or be successful in it. We are teaching the 21st century students and they know and enjoy technology. Why not mix something they love with something they have to learn. Many students of all ages struggle with both learning to write well, as well as learning to enjoy writing.

Become Successful

Even in today's technology society, writing continues to be a skill that is critical to success. Students are getting tested over their writing ability and being able to use the writing process throughout their years in school starting in third grade. Different tools create excitement for children to get involved and enjoy writing. Teachers can motivate students engaging them in writing and providing feedback online. Students are able to develop new ideas and apply existing knowledge to a creative product.

Think Creatively

Write Clearly

For success in writing online:

  • Structure
  • Writing procedures
  • Establish expectations
  • Pay attention
  • Collaborate
Merging Writing with Technology
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