Inmate Lawsuit Project

By Amanda Bross

The Death Of Joe Dent

Joe dent was a 52 year old man who died in 2012 at Douglas County Jail.

Dent died after he came back from the hospital, where he had been diagnosed with pericarditis (a heart issue), gout, and kidney failure.

This was reportedly not the first time similar issues have been a problem at this jail.

Joe's death motivated his family to file for a wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuit.

A day before his death, Dent was administered Bactrim in a double dose, which had been listed on his medical chart as an antibiotic that he was allergic to.

The night after Dent had been given the fatal dosage, he complained of shortness of breath and a need of oxygen.

However, there were no steps to address his complaints.

Nurses only acknowledged Dent's complaints after he also complained about his lungs filling up and his feet swelling, but no nurse tried to do anything to help him.

Other inmates banged on the medical unit door to try to get help for Dent, but he died soon after.

Joyce Dent, mother of Joe Dent, brought a suit against CorrectHealth, who manages inmate healthcare in the state of Georgia.

The case is Dent v. CorrectHealth, No. 2014CV252453.

Also named as Defendants are William, Corn, England, Eason, and Bell.

Douglas County Jail is a maxium security facility, and people being housed there are either awaiting trial or have already been sentenced to a period of time for one year or less in the Douglas County Court System.