The Taiga habitat

By: Maximus ft Alyssa Trinity Brandolino

The way the taiga food chain works

This food web has many different types of species. Like black bears that are consumers and a omnivore , bobcats are consumers and carnivores, mink's are consumers and carnivores, gray wolves , foxes,and elk's.

Biotic and Abiotic factors in the Taiga region

There are many different Biotic and Abiotic factors in this region. I will list many of the Biotic factors: Coniferous trees, White spruce, Bobcats, Snowshoe Rabbits, Red Squirrels, Voles, Minks', Lichens, Wolverines, and Lynxs. Some of the Abiotic factors will also be listed:Snow, Rain, Water, Air, Sun, Extreme Variation tempereatures, Rocks, Mountains, Caves, Heavy Snowfall, Poor Soil, Away from sea, and permanently frosted ground.

The climate in a Taiga Habitat

During the summer the temperature is a huge difference. The lowest may go to around 30 F and highest may be to around 70 F! That's a lot better then the winter if you don't want to freeze to death.In Taiga the annual or yearly amount of rainfall may be too 300 ~ 900 millimeters per year. Amazingly, Most of the rain only falls during the summer and not winter. Taiga has long winter nights while on the other hand, summer has long days.

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