Atomic number-22 Atomic mass- 204.3833

uses and description

Titanium is as strong as steel, if not stronger but its not as thick. It is used for air and space crafts and missiles because of its low density and ability to hold up in extreme conditions such a wind and temperature. Ti is also used in smaller things such as golf clubs, laptops and bicycles. Surgical applications for things like joint replacements and tooth implants are another good use with Ti.

chemical properties

Ti is coated with a oxide layer that usually makes it inactive, but when it is burned it has a mesmerizing white flame that forms Ti dioxide, and Ti nitride. Halides, oxides, and hydrides are some compounds of titanium.

Energy level 4 3d2

quantitive properties

melting point-3,034 f

density- 4.5 grams per cm3

specific heat-.54 (kJ/kg K) / .125 (kcal/kgoC)