Green Bay Packers

By. James M.

Green Bay Packers is a good team they have 13 championships. The have one of the best quarterbacks is NFL.Green Bay Packers were founded in August 11, 1919. Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun. Lambeau solicited funds for uniforms from his employer, the Indian Packing Company. He was given $500 for uniforms and equipment. They won the first ever superbowl. They played on the Lambeau Feild

Green Bay Packers players

Green Bay packers has a great team like there QB Aaron Rodgers he has 31 TD in just 2015. They have a good safety HA HA Clinton-Dix in 2015 he has 100 combs. Randell Cobb had 827 yards in 2015. Clay Matthews has 66 tackles

The Jerseys

The first jerseys were blue and yellow and said acme packers. Then they changed it to green and yellow but there home jerseys are white and yellow