The Prohibiton

By: Samantha Klein, Patrick Bayer, Johnny Jones


People could drink liquor without breaking the law, they would go to the doctor and would be prescribed alcohol. In Chicago gansters Al Capone would open a speakeasies and sell alcohol illegally.

Goverment Agent

The Government felt like if we got rid of liquor than people would stop spending all the families money on alcohol and expected the crime rate to go down by passing the 18th amendment. Finally the government had to ratify the amendment because it would have opened more jobs and sales tax for the government during the stock market crash.

"A drunk electorate digs the grave of our liberties and a tomb of our glory" -Lyman Beecher

Women Temperance Society

Women believed that alcohol was the reason for many personal and society problems like violence and unemployment and finance problems. Alcoholic's were "dangerous to themselves, their families and nations security".

American Public

We wouldn't be a supporter of the legislation, or be a customer at a speakeasy. In our opinion one should be allowed to spend all the money in the world on whatever they want. Even though it wasn't the best for the family if the father went out and spent all the money at a speakeasy everyday. That money should be spent on supporting the family.