Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • We had a bad electrical storm at the school. You may need to restart your computer and unplug/plug your phone.
  • Friday is a B day. We will not have a dress down Friday. Per Laura's email, we will not have Cluster; however, we will have a meeting in the cafe at 1:50 related to next week's testing.
  • Grades--If you have an EOC exam and students near an 80, please make sure to make contact with parents explaining the 20% and the possibility of falling below 80.
  • Thank you to Ms. Williams, Ms. McCammon, and Ms. Looper for a great Awards Night. Thank you to Mr. Cook and yearbook staff for a great yearbook and event.
  • SLO Reminder: Keep in mind that you will be using either your final exam or your EOC as your SLO post-test. Make sure you are planning to incorporate that info as you finalize your SLO.
  • If you have let students make copies or get copies in B1, please stop that practice.
  • Mr. Dillard sent you the exam schedule on May 2 at 9:22 a.m. It is also posted to our website. EXAMS--If a student is wanting to take an exam prior to the scheduled date, that must go through admin.
  • Ms. Brown sent an email related to an art fundraiser for teachers and students.
  • EOC Exam Dates: English 1--May 17, Algebra 1--May 18, and Biology/US History--May 19th. Some students will take US History EOC on May 23.
  • Building: The Greenville County Council finance committee approved our JEDA Bond Resolution. The resolution will now go before the full council on May 17,
  • Saturday School---The next SS will be on May 14 from 8:00 a.m.--Noon.
  • The final student dress down opportunity will be the week before exams, May 16-20th. Students and teachers must pay $15 by May 13th to participate. Teachers may pay Megan, Laura, Paula, or Crystal.
  • Ms. Williams sent an email related to our gathering to be held next Friday at Ms. McCammon's house. Thank you, Vickie!
  • Links:
  • Link 1: 3 lessons from completing their first PBL lessons:
  • Link 2: You will see and hear experts say we are preparing students for jobs that do not exist. Here is an example with STEM emphasis:
  • Enjoy the rest of the week.