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Assignment: Write an account of the benefits and pitfalls to using technology in the classroom

  • 3 e-tools resources along with a rationale and evaluation for each
  • Formative and summative feedback from my tutors

Teaching With Technology

The virtual learning environment is becoming integral within learning today.Indeed according to recent government guidelines we are expected to deliver 50% of our teaching sessions on-line by 2018. This module will provide an opportunity to discuss the benefits and pitfalls to e-learning, along with a rationale and evaluation of three e-tools used within my own teaching sessions.

E-tool 1-Blendspace

Blendspace is a curative e tool-one where you can store data and provide the learner with a variance in learning styles, allowing them to work at their own pace. In addition it is a good opportunity to offer diversity within sessions and allows the teacher to facilitate each learner’s ability. The basis of Blendspace is a like a virtual file area, whereby you can gather together a pool of resources all in one place and the learners are able, either in session or at home, to access these files at their own pace.

E-tool 2-Emaze

Emaze is a both a presentation and curative tool used within the learning environment. Its popularity stems from its ease of use and its interactive design that provides the learner with an more interesting visual presentation using a wealth of creative designs in which to import an already prepared Power-point. You can of course create your own individual Emaze if required.

E-tool 3 Linoit

Linoit is an online 'Post-it note' that provides a wealth of uses.It can be used in a variety of ways including sharing group ideas, reflections and comments. Images and files can be attached if required and it also makes a great assessment tool, if used for example within a Blendspace as attached here.