Is Hammurabi's code fair?

You can be the one to decide.

Hammurabi's Code

Hammurabi ruled Babylonia from 1792 to 1750 B.C. and he created a code called Hammurabi's code. Hammurabi's code contained 282 laws and was based on the idea of "an eye for an eye". The code was also partly based on earlier Sumerian codes. A person who accidentally broke a law was just as guilty as someone who meant to beak the law. The laws are important to us because they were written down.

Hammurabi's Code wasn't fair

In my opinion Hammurabi's Code was not fair to the people of Babylonia. It wasn't fair because the people of Babylonia could and couldn't do much stuff without obeying the law. If a person disobeyed the code they would get in huge trouble, but if someone did something great they got something great in return. For example, Law 196 says "If a man has knocked the eye of a free man, his eye shall be knocked off." That rule isn't very fair because what if you didn't mean to knock of his eye. Law 215 says "If a surgeon has operated with a bronze lancet on the body of free man ... and saves his life, he shall receive 10 shekels of silver." That rule is a pretty fair one because if you save someone's life you should get something in return. With those two rules i still think Hammurabi's code isn't fair.