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AD 653

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Beloved Beowulf fights his last battle!

Sadly, our beloved king Beowulf fought his final battle last night. Beowulf, being the good person he is, wanted to put an end to the mischievous and deadly doings of the dragon that lives in the mountains a few miles out of town. Loyal and trusty, the country's best soldiers accompanied him into battle. The closer they got to the dragon, they more chickened out and left Beowulf to fight the dragon single-handedly! All but one left. Wiglaf, who is distantly related to Beowulf, stayed and helped him defeat the dragon. Beowulf, in his old age, lost to the dragon. He has passed but left us his legacy, and the throne to Wiglaf. Hopefully we will be a great king as well. We all will miss Beowulf's generosity and bravery.

Beowulf's cremation

Monday, Sep. 28th, 9pm

Edge of the woods

We will honor Beowulf with the typical cremation ceremony, fit for a king. Please join us to celebrate a life lived by our king with bravery and loyalty.

Geat Masonry

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Local News

Beside's Beowulf's passing, there have been many things happening in our town. Geat Masonry bought out Stone Work Co. this past week, and Geat Masonry is hiring those interested in masonry. They are also open to apprenticeships.

There was a fight at the market in the square on Thursday. Hingla, 53, relative of Wealthlow and Wenera, 49, daughter of Aelfric, irritated each other so much that they turned to violence. No one was killed, but both women were minorly injured.

World News

Hrothgar and some of his men will be in town to pay respect to Beowulf for everything he did for their country. We will have rooms at the inn reserved for them, so if you will need a room, reserve it now.

The war in Asia is still in full swing. There is no end in the near future. Three-thousand have died, 700,000 injured.

Coronation of our new King!

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 5pm

Town Center

Everyone is required to attend the coronation ceremony of Wiglaf, relative of Beowulf. It will be held at the town center at 5 o'clock.

Beowulf Remembered

"Beowulf, our savior" -Hrothgar, king of the Danes

Because of Grendel, my country was in great distress. Beowulf, strong and powerful, heard of our monster and came to us to defeat Grendel. He was very generous to us and killed Grendel. He was such a loyal, strong, and generous man, beloved and honored by all. It was so sad to hear of his loss.

"What a great man" -Timothy, shopkeeper

I was carrying crates of items into my store one morning. I had too much in my arms at one time. Beowulf, surrounded by soldiers as he walked, saw me struggling and stopped to help me. Compassionately, the little things he did showed how great of a man he was. He will be missed by all.

"Died to free us from the dragon's wrath" -Wiglaf, new king of the Geats

I was there for him in his final moments on this wretched earth. When he needed us, fellow soldiers, everyone ran, except for me. Family has to stick together. Together, we defeated the dragon, but with this win came a loss. We lost our powerful leader, undoubtedly the best to ever rule over this land. I will now take the position of king, being the last remaining relative of Beowulf. I will try to lead as he did and honor him in doing so. He will be remembered and his legacy will live on!

Winter Meade-Fest

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 5pm

Monty's Meade Hall

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Everyone welcome!

Beowulf's greatest achievements

Swimming race

Strongly and swiftly, Beowulf was in a swimming race where he lost. His loss was due to his heroic reaction when a storm arose. In the black of the night, Beowulf, still swimming, and was in the lead, when a storm arose. With this came sea monsters, deadly. Beowulf sacrificed his win and killed all 9 of them, slashing and cutting. He made it, but lost.


Scared and helpless, the Danes were being picked off one-by-one by the horrendous monster, Grendel. Beowulf, hearing of this issue, took some of his bravest men and traveled across the waters to help the Danes out. One night when Grendel came to the meade-hall, Beowulf and his army were there. Weapons were of no use, so he used his bare hands! He scared Grendel off, very injured, leaving the Danes free of misery.

Defeat of the dragon

Beowulf's final battle and one he will forever be remembered for. With the help of the fearless Wiglaf, the dragon that haunted the cave in the mountains, was put to death. But with that death came the loss of Beowulf.