North Korea

By Jadyn, Ashley, and Carmen

Kim Jong-un (North-Korean Leader)

He became leader after his father, Kim Jong-il, died in 2011. He assumed the office on April 12, 2012. Kim was promoted to the rank Marshal of North Korea in the Korean People's Army on 18 July 2012, consolidating his position as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Kim obtained two degrees, one in Physics at Kim Il-sung University, and another as an Army officer at the Kim Il-sung Military University. He is still currently the leader.

Foreign Policies

Democratic People's Republic of Korea have been shaped by its conflict with South Korea and its historical ties with world Communism. The Korean War in the 1950s failed to resolve the issue, leaving North Korea locked in a military confrontation with South Korea and the U.S. Forces.

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Issues with North Korea/Military Weapons

Everyone seems to still be paranoid with the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons for their military, resulting in every country trying to keep the peace between N.K. and them. In October 2002, North Korea announced it was restarting its nuclear programs, breaking a 1994 agreement to forego nuclear ambitions in exchange for the construction of two safer lightwater nuclear power reactors and shipments of oil from the U.S.

Issues with North Korea/ rights

24 million people in North Korea are facing regrim. They are denied even the most basic rights of freedom of speech, free movement and information freedom. They use a brutally repressive system which include collective punishment, public executions, and political prison camps.

People of North Korea (poverty, Gdp per capita, people with HIV, and unemployment rates)

– Annual GDP per capita is about $1,800, which ranks 197th in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook. GDP is 28 times higher in the United States and 18 times higher in South Korea.

– About half of North Korea's population of 24 million lives in "extreme poverty," according to the KUNI report.

- It's estimated that less than 0.2% of N.K people have HIV/AIDS

-25.6% of North Koreans are unemployed.

15 Interesting Facts

1) Marijuana is legal and isn't even considered a drug in North Korea.

2) North Korea is the only nation to currently have a U.S. ship captured.

3) It's not 2016 in North Korea. The year is 105, counted after the birth of Kim Il-sung.

4) North Korea is OFFICALLY NOT COMMUNIST! Since 2002, it's ideology called "Juche."

5) North Korean archeologists announced in 2012 that they found a lair of a unicorn.

6) Kim Il-sung was born the day the Titanic sank.

7). Possessing bibles, watching South Korean films or pornography can result in death in North Korea.

8) Wearing jeans is illegal in North Korea.

9) North Koreans can only choose from 28 approved haircuts. (

10) In 1974, Kim Il-sung took 1,000 Volvo Sedans from Sweden and NEVER paid for them.

11) North Korea has a history of cannibalism.

12) The "Interview" movie took place in North Korea.

13) Kim Jong-un has two degrees. Army officer and physics.

14) North Korea has problems with freedom of speech and they have military issues.

15) North Korea has a 99% literacy rate.