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Advice Column, Best Friend in need, by Hayden:

Dear Hayden:

My bestfriend has been bending the rules a little too much i'd say. She's never been a rule breaker. I started to notice the change in her behavior. I honestly believe its due to a boy she recently met. I can tell she really likes him but i feel like i cant be around her when she is with him , which is all the time. I basically be her friend. Im a rule breaker too, but she's out of control. what she does is really risky . Its wrong as her bestfriend to think she been infected. shes my other half you know? However, i turned to you because i need to tell her that she either needs to get herself back or stop seeing that boy. I absolutely dont want to sound like a mean friend but this is for her own good. How do i get that point across with out her getting mad at me?

Sincerely , Bestfriend in Need

Best Friend in need response.

Dear best friend in need:

Of course you need to tell her how you feel and what you think if its the best for her. She might think you're dumb for thinking that or she might tell you you're wrong but, dont let her just get to you. My advice to you is to sit down with her or something and advise her about what would and could happen. If then you remind her day in and day out, (even though you shouldn't have to) at least you tried and that all you can really do. Mainly just open up to her with your thoughts and concerns and hope she'll listen to you.

sincerely, Hayden

Movie Review

Come join us in this crazy, adventurous love story between singer Austin Mahone as the daring Alex Sheathes and singer/actress Selena Gomez as Lena Haloway , joined by Lena's crazy but beautiful bestfriend Hana Tate played by Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence! Together these three teens make their craziest most daring decisions throughout this movie. In this movie love is different for them. Lena and Hana often trade places in this story but what will it take for them to open their eyes and realize that they are on the verge of being infected by love ,which is called a disease in their lives. What are the consequences, what must they do in order to stay clean?

"The most dangerous sickness are those that make us believe we are well"

-Proverb 42; Book of shhh.

The Remembrance of Lena Haloway

Lena Haloway was a 17 year old girl from Portland, Maine. She never really stood out , she was one to try to be what we'd all call ordinary. Her life was gone at the age of 18. Too young i'd say

Born in Portland Maine and raised as the oldest out of a family of just girls , she always had to be strong and she always had to do the right things,he also has to know good and bad about where she lives, she had little girls that looked up to her.

I knew Lena as a girl who was only outgoing around people she wanted to be. I knew she would die to do anything outgoing with that boy Alex. She wished she could be seen with him. She wished she could talk to him and not have people stare at them. That's all she wanted. I , myself wish she could have done at least one of those. We all wish now that she is gone , she could have done something without others making her feel bad.

I will never forget her dreams and wishes. I will always remember her as a beautiful and courageous girl, the one that was a lover not a fighter. The one I used to admire, and the one we all love and miss.

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