Wildcats Weekly

Week of 11/18


01/18 & 01/19 - No School


This week, students will be tested on what they have learned so far this year in Math and ELA. The scores will not go towards classroom grades, but will be used to monitor each student's progress and for recommendations for future Math and ELA classes. If your child is absent during testing, they will be required to make it up upon their return. Please make sure that your child has a working calculator (batteries charged, etc.), and that they bring it to school on the day of testing. There is a portion of the test that allows a calculator. The ELA Benchmark will be on Wednesday, January 20th & the Math Benchmark will be on Thursday, January 21st. Both will start at 8:15 am.

Math 7

We are finishing Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning with similar figures, indirect measurement, and scale factor. Students are working on a mastery check on how to solve real world problems using proportions. The Unit 5 Test is planned for Friday, January 22nd. In Unit 6 we will work with real life scenarios involving percentages (tip, tax, percent change, commission, etc.)

Math 7+

Today, students were tested on Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning. This test will be a quarter 3 grade. Next we will explore probability and chance in Unit 6. Students do have some homework to complete on theoretical and experimental probability over the four day weekend.


We have officially finished our Weather Unit. The severe weather shelters the students created were very impressive, and it easily showcased how hard they worked the past month. We are moving on to the CELLebration unit, and we will begin next week by looking at the microscope. We will have a microscope quiz on Friday of next week, and students must get at least a 70% to be able to do the upcoming e-lab, protist lab, and animal/plant cells lab.


In Language Arts, we have been working on our literature circle jobs and project. Students also have some work to complete over the 4 day weekend. This includes copying down some notes, reading their novels, working on the passage of the week, and studying flipbook terms to prepare for the ELA Case 21 benchmark. The benchmark test is on Wednesday of next week.

Social Studies

We will continue our unit on World War I. First and second period have a letter from the trenches due on Wednesday, and sixth and seventh period's are due on Thursday.