Sachse Mustang Band AUDITIONS

Spring 2020


Join the appropriate Google Classroom based on your instrument by May1, 2020!

InstrumentGoogle Classroom

Flute: xwldiwx

Double Reeds: kiqpcsu

Clarinet: dcsa7y3

Saxophone: knq4vni

Trumpet: cg6wzpa

Horn: kt3ujhs

Trombone: 4vtasz7

Euphonium: zzijczy

Tuba: rptlobh

Percussion: vq7o5di

Colorguard: 7hhs4zk

Step 2


Record yourself playing the audition etude. Play as much of the etude as you can. Percussion will only submit the snare etude. You may upload your recordings beginning on Monday, May 4, 2020 at 1PM in your Google Classroom. Be sure that you only upload one recording and make sure that it is the correct recording by 1pm Friday, May 8, 2020. It is highly encouraged to have the etude submitted BEFORE Friday, so you can focus on the scale portion on Friday.

Audition Music: 2020 Audition Music

Step 3

Virtual Auditions: Scales Recording

Scales for the audition will be released in your google classroom on 8am on Friday, May 8, 2020. Each instrument may have different scales. This will be 2 Major scales plus your full range chromatic. Make sure that you alot plenty of time to make sure you submit a recording you are happy with. Priority will be given to those submitted on time. Scales will need to be submitted in one recording for ALL three scales, you will not receive full credit if these are in separate recordings. Allow plenty of time to upload a recording that will contain all three scales. You should start the upload process of scales no later than 11am on Friday, May 8, 2020 to ensure they are in there by 1PM.


Online Registration: We are planning to open this on May 4 so that you can complete your registration the same week of auditions. More information will be posted here and in Google Classroom as soon as it is available.


We will have some videos to upload by the end of May to get everyone started with movement fundamentals related to marching band that we'd typically do at a camp. We are exploring ideas to have some meets to get everyone moving to be competitive in the fall! Depending on guidelines in the coming months, there is the possibility of an actual camp, but all this information will be made available to you via the Audition Google Classroom that you have joined!

HS Audition Music Available

Audition music is available on our band website:

For any questions related to band, marching, auditions, guard, etc., please contact me via e-mail.

New Parent Meeting

We will have a Google Meet for New Parents where I will go through details of High School Band on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 7PM. This is highly encouraged for ALL incoming freshmen parents. There will be a presentation given as well as time to ask questions. I look forward to meeting you all virtually and then again later in person! Stay safe and healthy!

Join us at the meet: