Black Dolphin Prison

By Emily Hanrahan

Black Dolphin Background

Black Dolphin prison is one of the scariest prisons in Russia. It has cannibals, terrorists, murderers, and rapists. Every single day two prison mates are taken into a room to walk back and forth for an hour and a half while the police check their rooms for things such as bombs or escape plans. One prison mate once said, "The only way to escape is by dying."

Prisoners stories

Some of the prisoners have very uncomfortable and very violent stories. People who are imprisoned there are imprisoned for life. Prisoners are blindfolded when ever they are walking outside because the police don't want them knowing the territory well enough to escape. They also have to walk bent over (stress position) except when they are in their cells.

murder rate

There have been roughly 3,000 murders that have caused half of the inmates there to be prisoners. The prisoners are placed in a cell within a cell.