Santa Meets the Grinch

One late Christmas Eve Santa was delivering presents to Nick's house. But Santa felt something odd. Then he heard a sound from the kitchen. So Santa decided to check it out. Santa, who was running out of time, saw the Grinch stealing food from the kitchen. The Grinch doesn't notice Santa.

But then slowly looks at him and says, "I will steal all the Christmas presents!"

Santa comments back, " No you won't!"

Then all of the sudden the Grinch disappear. So Santa rushes to where the Grinch used to be. Santa, who thought it was kind of strange, couldn't figure out what happened. So Santa took all his elves to find the Grinch. An exceptional leader, Santa lead his elves to find him. After a couple weeks of searching they find his hideout in London. When they did that they moved as fast as they could to find him. When they got there it smelled, It smelled terrible.

The Grinch then said, "How did you find me?"

Santa said, "With my superior team of elves." "I told you we'd find you you didn't believe me."

The Grinch argued back, "But I hid so well."

Santa then ran after the Grinch. The Grinch, while he was still and shock, tried to run away. But Santa was to fast. Grinning at the Grinch, Santa was holding him tightly. Giving orders to the elves, Santa was a great leader. The elves came and gave Santa rope and stopped him.