By: Anna Bahr 5th hour

What is Osgood-Schlatter?

Osgood-Schlatter is an irritation of the patellar ligament at the tibial tuberosity. It is also known as epiphysitis of the tibular tubercle. It is commonly found in children and teenagers, because they have growth plates on their joints. It was first discovered in 1903.

Osgood Schlatters

Media Influences

The article "Osgood-Schlatter Disease" by kidshealth.org (http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/aches/osgood.html ) states that Osgood-Schlatter is caused by over useage in sports like basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, figure skating, and gymnastics. Also, the article says that the pain lasts for about 12-24 months. I agree with the information stated in this article because it is closely related to the information I have discovered through research

Interpersonal Communication

Your doctor: Kids with Osgood-Schlatter can speak to their doctor. A doctor can give advice on which medicines to take and other treatments.

Physical Therapist: In more serious cases, a kid with Osgood-Schlatter can find help from a Physical Therapist. A Physical Therapist can teach exercises and give treatment to help the pain.

Immediate Risk Factors

Immediate risk factors of Osgood-Schlatter may include:

  • Pain in one or both knees

  • Pain when straightening the knee joint or full squatting

  • Pain on running, or going up and down stairs

  • Pain that eases with rest

  • A swollen tibial tuberosity

  • Red and inflamed skin over the tibial tuberosity

  • Quadriceps muscles that can sometimes lose strength and bulk.

Long Term Risk Factors

Long term risk factors include:

  • pain on kneeling as an adult
  • the cosmesis of a bony prominence on the anterior knee
  • Less common complications are the persistence of a painful ossicle requiring surgical excision and a displaced avulsion of a tibial tubercle.


X-ray: The use of the X-ray makes it easier for doctors to properly diagnose Osgood-Schlatter

Ibuprofen: Although ibuprofen can be used for many other things, it can be used to ease the pain that osgood-schlatter brings