CAC Application

DUE May 1, 2022

Interested Parents, Staff, and Community Members

To: Interested Parents, Staff, and Community Members

From: Veronica Kubes, Community Advisory Committee Co-Chair

Terry Hobart, Community Advisory Committee Co-Chair

Kimberly Velez, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services

Temecula Valley Unified School District is seeking members for the Special Education Community Advisory Committee. The Community Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the TVUSD Special Education Department and Board of Education on the implementation of the Local Plan. The Local Plan describes how TVUSD provides services to students with exceptional needs.

Charge to the Community Advisory Committee

  • Assists in parent education and disability awareness activities;
  • Assists in recruiting parents and other volunteers who may contribute to the implementation;
  • Acts in support of individuals with exceptional needs;
  • Brings issues that families are dealing with to the attention of the District;
  • Makes recommendations on annual priorities to be addressed under the plan


Membership in the CAC includes a majority of interested parents of general education and special education students, representatives of public and private agencies, both general education and special education teachers, and other community members interested in the delivery of services to special education students. We would like to have 15 parent members on the committee. The CAC parent members work together along with administrators, staff, teachers, and other parents as members of many District groups that support all of our students. CAC parent input is valuable to the district in its efforts to communicate with parents. We strive to welcome parent volunteers, community members, and educators who will work toward creating success for students, providing supportive information for teachers, and maintaining a well-informed parent community to support students’ educational experiences in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. Interested potential members are encouraged to complete the application process. CAC members are appointed by the Committee and approved by the Board of Education and commit to serving for at least a two-year term. Any parent of a student in the district, staff, or community member may attend CAC meetings.

Expectations of Members

1. Attend regular committee meetings and subcommittee meetings as assigned. The term of office will be for two consecutive school years.

2. Promote the vision of the CAC in supporting collaboration between all stakeholder groups.

3. Share in responsibility for carrying out the committee’s work, such as developing recommendations and reports to the district and reviewing background materials.

4. Abide by committee norms and participate in committee discussions in a constructive manner.

Open Office Positions:

CAC Co-chair

If you are interested in serving on the CAC as an officer, please indicate your interest in the application.


To apply for committee membership, please complete the below application and return to Kim Myers in the Special Education/SELPA Office at

For clarification, please feel free to call the Special Education/SELPA Office at (951)506-7086.

Thanks for your willingness to support our students, staff, and community.

Thank you,

The Community Advisory Committee

22-23 CAC Application

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