St. Mary's Alumni Connection

Volume 1 Issue 1

Dear Alumni,

Welcome to our new alumni newsletter! Our goal is help you reminisce, update you on our "family", and stay connected. Check out our Then and Now, Alumni Spotlight, Events, and How to Help sections. Go Saints!
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Then and Now

Then- It may not be Thursday, but here is a throwback to Back to School circa 1980. If you know who is featured in this picture. Send us an email at .
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Now - Two of our middle schoolers (Jacob Bodine and Henry May) are glad to be back in the hallways of St. Mary's.
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Alumni Spotlight

Have such amazing alumni and here is a saint we want to highlight!
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Ryan Hubler - '14

It's the small things that make a difference!

Ryan Hubler remembers fondly his time at St. Mary's as he works to pursue his dream job in the Automotive Industry. When asked to share how his St. Mary's school experience has made an impact in his life, Ryan had this to say:

I remember going to high school being one of the few that wrote in cursive(which the teachers appreciate). I also had knowledge of certain topics that came up that my other classmates did not have. Another big takeaway is that I am still very close to many of the people I graduated with. I don't think that this would have been the case in a larger public school.

I think back to a lot of experiences I had at St. Mary's but some of the things that I always go back to are the holiday events that we had. Things like roller skating and the Halloween parade. The special person's lunch was always a good time as well. It was the things that brought the whole school together that I seemed to enjoy and still think back to. I'm not sure what the public school experience would have been, but I feel that at St. Mary's I was able to really get to know my teachers and all the kids in the school making it feel like a big family. This is something that is valuable and can be hard to find nowadays.

I would like to add a few things that I have noticed in the years since graduating from St. Mary's. Whenever someone asks me where I've gone to school, I always start by saying St. Mary's school. Every single time, the person smiles in appreciation that there are a few people that still understand the value in attending a small catholic school.

I feel very thankful to have attended St. Mary's school and would certainly not be the person I am today had I not gone there. I have studied Mechanical Engineering most of my college career and work with cars with the rest of my spare time. It only seems fitting that I find something in the Automotive Industry.

All of us on staff at St. Mary's are very proud of Ryan and are grateful for his words of appreciation. If you know someone, who would be perfect for our alumni spotlight, please email us their name and contact information @

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Be a Saint!

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There are a few ways to help St. Mary's. Click the buttons to be taken directly to the link to support.
Sponsor a Classroom!

Teachers have items needed to support students in their classroom on Amazon Wishlists. Buy one thing or buy many, it's up to you.

Roc the Day! - November 30, 2021

Make a donation to us through the Roc the Day campaign. Last year, we raised money to purchase new stage curtains. This year, we are continuing to raise funds to improve other aspects of our school.

Spread the Word!

Spread the word to your friends and family about touring our school and making it a choice for their children!

Save the Date!

Alumni Luncheon

Join us at noon on Friday, June 10, 2022 in Dougherty Hall for a special lunch served by our Middle School House Program. We want to give everyone an opportunity to connect with each other; meet some future alumni; look through some old yearbooks; and maybe stay for a game of volleyball or four square against our current middle school kids.

If interested, please RSVP to

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