Learn all about thunderstorms.

Exciting facts

As your reading this there are about 2,000 thunderstorms sweeping across the earth. Most of all thunderstorms happen around the equator. The equators is known as the tropics and the tropics have warm air. Warm air is the main ingredient for Thunderstorms.

How a Thunderstorm Starts

A thunderstorm starts because the sun evaporates the water. The damp air rises up fast and as it does water vapor cools and condenses it to form cumulonimbus clouds

Some Pictures

What is a Bolt of Lightning and What Does it do?

A bolt of lightning is a huge electrical current. The electrical current flows when positive charges and negative charges are drawn to each other. During a Thunderstorm clouds, air, and objects on the ground all become charged with electricity. The top of a storm cloud usually gets positively charged and an object on the ground is negatively charged.

Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods are very useful especially on very tall building such as the Chrysler building or the Empire State building. The Empire State building actually has a lightning rod on it. A lightning rod sticks up a lot from the top of a building and when it is struck by lightning it takes the current through wire down to the ground safely