An Interview With Mr. Wilson

---------- by Alexis Jacobs ----------

Mr. Michael Wilson, from tech to technical.

At Haltom High School, we have a variety of teachers and faculty but one of my personal favorites is Mr. Wilson. He went from the theatre one and tech theatre classes, to an English classroom. However, he started is journey into the teaching career at North Texas University, commonly known as UNT, obtaining a bachelor’s degree. After teaching the fine arts, this is his first year back teaching English one to our new freshman. Although he puts in long hours such as 50 to 60 a week, it is what he enjoys doing. While in other professions people find themselves having to drag themselves out of bed, he requires little self-motivation because his excitement for the day is authentic. On some days the hardest part of teaching, especially to kids who have been taking an English class for so many years already, it is hard for him to capture his student’s interest and get them as excited as he is of the material he is covering. On the other hand, the greatest reward that he gets is the relationship that he gets with the students. Getting to help them, and enlighten them with some of the wisdom that he already has.

My Interview With Wilson ☺

September 23rd I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go into Mr. Wilsons class and not only interview him, but observe his class. When student first walk into the door they are greeted with a “good morning” and a handshake. Then depending on what the board says, they are expected to get their journals. The desks are set in rows, but still close enough to collaborative work, which is what they were doing the day I was in there. Once everyone gets into class, he starts giving instructions, and immediately goes into class. There is a large chalkboard at the front of the class of to which he has a checklist for what they have to do for the day, and what needs to be completed, along with the essential question, and the standard. The classroom itself is decorated in Haltom memorabilia, as well as a few personal posters. The class also feels very comfortable, like it is an open and judgment free space. Towards the end of the class period, the students started talking a little off topic, and not focusing as much on their work. Therefore, he calmly, yet sternly enforced that they are to whisper and stay in topic. Which was enough to make the students go back to working. At the very end of the period he told them what they were expected to have completed, and then dismissed and told them to have a good day.