Eagle Update: April 30, 2021

Barton Hills Elementary

Hello BHE Families:

Happy (almost) May! The first week in May is always exciting as it is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! I am so appreciative of our amazing teachers and staff every year and this one in particular. Their commitment to our school community has truly ensured that we've made the best of this year. If you have a moment to send them a note of thanks, I know teachers and staff would love to hear directly from parents and students. You are why we are here :).

As we continue to work through the last 5 weeks of our most unprecedented year, we also focus on planning for next year. Thank you to all parents who have completed the online registration. If registration is not complete prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year, your child will not be placed in a class for the 21-22 school year. If you have any questions about registration, please email our registrar at: cindy.reyes@austinisd.org or you can leave a voicemail at 512-414-2013 and she will get back to you.

One of the most important tasks we do is create the classes for the following school year. In an effort to create balanced classes for next year and to foster a positive school-home partnership, parent input is taken under consideration. And while not guaranteed, parent/caregiver feedback about placement is strictly based on input letters, not verbal interactions or promises between parents and staff. Know that Administration does not keep placement input from previous years, therefore, if there is important student information to be considered, please provide that information in the current year’s parent input process as outlined below. Feedback is due by Friday, May 14th.

A letter regarding placement for next year is not required, however, if parents have extenuating circumstances or significant concerns, please see the following guidelines: (1) A separate letter (email attachment only) MUST be submitted. Limit to one-page (10 – 12 font size). Due to the amount of input received every year, general email communications WILL NOT be accepted. (2) Specific teachers or classmates CANNOT be requested. All teachers on our teams are skilled and competent individuals. (3) Share traits and characteristics of your child(ren) that affect their learning. (4) Share the type of educational setting and class dynamic that you feel will best meet your child(ren)’s needs. (5) Email attachment MUST be sent to the Principal (kathryn.achtermann@austinisd.org) , NOT the Classroom Teacher. Please note that I DO NOT schedule meetings to discuss next year placement. Thanks for all of your support, as we strive to make the best placement decisions for your child(ren).

Thank you for your continued support of our campus and our learning community.

Kati Achtermann

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Upcoming Dates

  • May 7 - CaveSim Virtual Field Trip for 3rd - 6th graders
  • May 11 - STAAR Reading for 3rd - 6th grade on campus learners
  • May 12 - STAAR Math for 3rd - 6th grade on campus learners
  • May 13 - STAAR Science for 5th grade on campus learners and make up tests for on campus learners
  • May 14 - STAAR make up tests for on campus learners and College T-Shirt Day
  • May 17 - STAAR Reading for 3rd - 6th grade off campus learners (given on campus)
  • May 18 - STAAR Math for 3rd - 6th grade off campus learners (given on campus)
  • May 19 - STAAR Science for 5th grade off campus learners and make ups for tests for off campus learners
  • May 20 & 21 - STAAR make up test dates for 3rd - 6th grade off campus learners
  • May 21 - Green and Gold Spirit Day
  • May 28 - Career Day
  • May 31 - School Holiday/Memorial Day
  • June 3 - Last Student Day

Spring Spirit Days

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Updates/Information from AISD

Human Sexuality and Responsibility Units

Due to the unique demands placed on schools and teachers during the COVID-19 crisis for students attending both in-person and remotely, the Human Sexuality and Responsibility (HSR) unit will not be taught to students enrolled in grades K-8th grade during the spring semester of the 2020-21 school year. Students who are currently enrolled in the High School 2021 Health Education course will participate in the HSR unit. Parents or legal guardians will continue to have the option to opt-out their child if so desired. Parents will have access to resources on topics connected to the curriculum at this website.

New and Returning Student Registration for 2021-2022 School Year

Online Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open! Parents will need to access the online registration through the Parent Portal. You can find specific registration directions HERE and attached below. If you need assistance please call the AISD Parent Support Line at 512-414-9187.


RAVE about our Awesome BHE Staff

We love our BHE staff and this is one way to recognize the outstanding job they do! If you have someone to RAVE about, please consider submitting one here.

If Your Chid is Returning to School In Person: Before You Arrive to School Everyday:

When You Arrive at School

Arrival and Dismissal Protocols/Procedure Reminders


  • All students must have their temperatures checked prior to entering the building. If they are arriving by car the temp checks are done in the car before they exit. If they arrive by bike or walking, the screening is done by the main doors.
  • Please complete the COVID-19 Screener for each students before arriving on campus. If you have more than one student, you can screenshot the "green" screen. The Screener must show the student name - not the parent name. See pictures below if you are unsure what the app looks like. You will need your students ID number. This is the same as their "s" number - just without the "s". You can also find their ID number from your parent cloud account.
  • Everyone must wear a mask- we ask that even in the cars, adults wear masks for safety of the screeners.
  • Please do not pull around the car line.
  • Do not drop off students in the parking lot or pull through the parking lot to avoid the screening line.
  • On cold mornings, it is helpful to turn off the car heater - when students sit under the car heater it impacts their temperature :)
  • Arrive by 7:40 to complete the screening and allow enough time for your student to walk to class, unpack their things, and be prepared for the start of the classes opening activities/Zoom meeting.
  • If you arrive after the screeners have gone inside, you will need to call the front office and we will have to come out to you. Because this requires additional time, we respectfully ask that you arrive no later than 7:40.


To enhance our dismissal procedures, and help us maintain better social distancing we are going to be more rigorous with our staggered dismissal times. You can help by waiting to come pickup your student (or getting in the pick up line) until your grade level dismissal time.

2:45 - all siblings (in different grade levels) and EAC bus riders will be called to the cafeteria

2:50 we will begin dismissing siblings and EAC bus riders in the front of the building

3:00 - we will dismiss Kinder, First and Fifth graders in the front of the building

3:00 - we will dismiss Second, Third, Fourth, and Sixth graders on the north side of the property off of Briarcrest Drive (where they have been dismissing)

If you are walking up to pick up your child, please do not walk up to the class/classroom teacher. Please stay on the sides of the covered walkway and we will bring (or send) your child. to you.

Breakfast and Lunch

Free breakfast and lunch will be available daily to all students. Breakfast is served in the classrooms. If your child will want breakfast at school, please let your child's teacher know so they can be sure to add them to the "count." Lunch is served daily. There is a set menu and no a la carte menu items (single milks, single menu items, snacks, etc.). When the weather is nice and we are able, we will plan to picnic outside on the large rocks above the blacktop. When we are unable to eat outside we will be in the cafeteria at the cafeteria tables with distanced seating (as possible) and plexiglass barriers on the tables.

Health Guidelines

Please review the attachments below to learn more about how to respond if you believe your child has a positive COVID case and general guidelines for when to keep your child home from school. If you have any questions, please contact our school health room at 512-414-2013. Thank you!

Browser History Reminders

Please note and remind your children their browser history can’t be cleared. Remind students that their browser history on an Austin ISD device cannot be cleared. Anyone who opens history on their device will be able to see students’ search history, along with dates and times.

Dogs on Campus

We respectfully request that dogs not accompany you or your child to school for arrival or dismissal. While your dog may be the best for your family, not everyone is comfortable around them and and not all dogs do well in the arrival/dismissal setting. Thank you so much!

How to Check Status on District Systems

AISD’s technology team has launched a webpage that allows school communities to check the status of district systems such as the cloud and portal, as well as Accelify, School Messenger, and Zoom, at www.austinisd.org/technology/status.


Our PTA is the best! Please check out the link for the latest PTA Newsletter below and sign up to receive them directly: